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Two typical way of plating for three thread fleece knitting machines
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According to the way to adjust the length of terry plush loop, three thread fleece knitting machines can be divided into two types.

First type is adjusting the loop length by bottom cams, the second type is to adjust the loop length by sinkers.


Both types have its merits and faults.

The advantage for the first type is to make the terry loop 0.5 to 1cm longer, and its terry plush loop is slightly tilted, so the flannelette fabric will after be raising will be softer, and plush loop is longer. typical fabric as below:

The advantage for the second type is to make three thread fleece that do not require finishing like raising any more. Because the terry plush loop is created and adjusted mainly by the sinker, it will produce fleece fabric with plush loop cling to its ground loop, so the plush loop is smooth and nice.  typical fabric as below: